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Final Report: Sloan ORCID Adoption and Integration Program 2013-2014

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posted on 2015-01-17, 12:32 authored by Josh Brown, Catalina Wilmers, Laurel HaakLaurel Haak

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation “ORCID Adoption and Integration Program" (henceforth the A&I program) was a high-profile and influential component of ORCID activities in 2013 and 2014. In supporting, guiding and serving the program’s evolution, in publicising its results and achievements, and in synthesizing and disseminating its lessons, the whole organisation has engaged with the program. The value for ORCID and the research community has been significant. This report sets out the ways that ORCID adoption has been accelerated as a result of the outputs of the program. It shows how the wider scholarly community has engaged with the program outcomes, how participating organizations see the value that their projects have brought to their respective communities, and how the successes and challenges of the A&I program have shaped our priorities and planning.

This report extracts key lessons, features and achievements from program documentation. We have drawn on the use cases it has generated, as well as presentations and other communications materials to supplement the final, formal project summaries. By placing these documents in the wider context of ORCID’s growth and community engagement before, during, and after the program, we can clearly see the value and impact of the A&I program.

The participating organisations all report real benefits from the integration of ORCID iDs in their information systems. For ORCID, setting out the benefits of the program is straightforward. It has helped to fuel our growth, to develop our longer-term sustainability, and to align our priorities to those of our community. What we add to this picture in this report is an indication of what that community has gained from this program, in reduced opportunity costs, improved information resources, and better, faster integrations and software development.