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posted on 2018-07-02, 10:07 authored by Abiola O AiyenigbaAbiola O Aiyenigba

The Fertility Life Counselling Aid (FELICIA) has been developed to manage the psychological morbidity associated with infertility using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) based strategies. FELICIA provides a structured step by step guide to infertility counselling and is designed to be used by general community or hospital health workers rather than specialist psychologists or psychiatrists. This is especially helpful in communities where resources for specialist psychiatric and psychological care is limited.

FELICIA is based on the THINKING HEALTHY PROGRAMME (THP) by WHO. It uses the 3 step of THP to provide psychotherapy to infertility patients. It incorporates a narrative approach through the use of stories and analogies. It also delivers the intervention using a task shifting approach from specialists to nurses and community health workers, thereby providing a needed psychotherapy for infertility patients at a low cost as required.