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Empowering Archaeology What model of disability do people with dyslexia in university archaeology courses experience?

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posted on 10.09.2017, 17:04 by Theresa O'MahonyTheresa O'Mahony

Being a dis/Abled enabled public archaeologist I researched attitudes towards Dyslexic undergraduate and postgraduate students in UK Universities within the main models of social and medical models of dis/Abilities. I need to warn you that some of the content may be distressing to some, but the facts remain, within both my BA and MA dissertations I found a small proportion of people in archaeology are totally opposed whether intentionally or unintentionally to any-one who is dis/Abled being in archaeology at all. Hence Enabled Archaeology was born to stem the flow of at times prejudicial and negative acts towards dis/Abled enabled participants in archaeology to-day.


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