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Dynamic Habitat Construction Through Evolving 3D Swarms

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posted on 08.11.2017, 20:17 by Louise Magbunduku, Kyle HarringtonKyle Harrington
This paper appeared in the 2017 Living Architectures workshop at the European Conference on Artificial Life
Exploration of inhospitable environments creates a need for the ability to remotely change the landscape so that it can support human life or necessary technology. The goal of this experiment involves re-purposing the mechanics and dynamics of an existing model of eco-evolutionary genetically-regulated swarms in order to construct a recognizable structure. In doing this we created a microscopic adaption of energy dynamics for swarm based models. This adaptation extends the energy reservoir system that is present in previous experiments. In this case the model uses one large energy source with microscopic alterable structure that yields energy for agents rather than multiple smaller energy sources dispersed throughout an environment. This allows us to study the microscopic dynamics of large scale agent interactions.