DC_Building Trust in Personal Data Driven Media Experiences

2018-06-14T02:53:00Z (GMT) by ACM TVX2018 Neelima Sailaja

The turn towards personal data to drive modern media experiences is increasing at a remarkable rate. Along with all the technological innovations this shift promises, it also entails certain caveats like loss of user trust, which demand immediate attention and response in order to ensure sustainable growth in this domain. A user study of personalised Electronic Programme Guides powered by user personal data uncovered loss of user trust as one of the overarching challenges faced by such novel experiences. Further studies involving service providers unpack loss of user trust as a major risk of using personal data, where the need for design practices and solutions that help alleviate this concern is highlighted. This research, having uncovered such a need, intends to further explore this space through the design, development and evaluation of a data driven media experience that prioritises user trust throughout its various stages of realisation.


CC BY 4.0