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D4.2: Workflow for interoperability

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journal contribution
posted on 2015-04-10, 11:35 authored by ODIN ConsortiumODIN Consortium, Amir AryaniAmir Aryani, Amy J Barton, jan brase, Josh BrownJosh Brown, Tom DemeranvilleTom Demeranville, Patricia Herterich, Lynne McAvoy, Laura PaglioneLaura Paglione, Sergio Ruiz, Gudmundur ThorissonGudmundur Thorisson, Todd VisionTodd Vision, Frauke Ziedorn

We analyze the different persistent identifiers (PIDs) and the potential interoperability between them. We propose different approach to the interoperability between DataCite DOIs and ORCID IDs as well as between other PIDs. We present claim tools and data connections for different types of research objects.


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