Creating Science Gateways with GenApp

journal contribution
posted on 27.01.2017 by Emre Brookes, Alexey Savelyev

GenApp is a tool for rapid deployment of applications. GenApp builds fully functioning applications from collections of definition files and libraries of code fragments. Applications are built over a set of modules, each module performing some computation. GenApp can build to a variety of targets, including local GUI and web based applications. Principles of GenApp include facilitating ease of use by tool, framework and application developers, module wrappers and end users. GenApp is currently being successfully used as the generator of multiple production science gateways. In this tutorial, users will learn the basics of developing applications with GenApp and will create both GUI and web based applications running on a cloud resource over the same set of modules.

The instructors suggested that it might be helpful to review the 1 May presentation here:
Requirements: Participants should bring a laptop with an SSH client and modern web browser installed. Working knowledge of some text editor under linux is required, such as nano, vi or emacs. The instructors will arrange for students to have access to cloud based training accounts.