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CAREX Toolbox Handout 4 - Nutrients (nitrate)

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posted on 07.12.2018, 02:59 by Brandon C. Goeller, Kristy Hogsden, Catherine M. Febria, Hayley S. Devlin, Katie Collins, Jon S. Harding, Angus McIntosh

Through the CAREX project, we have tested a series of practical tools, and developed solutions and approaches to address aquatic weed, sediment, and nutrient management issues in agricultural waterways in lowland Canterbury.

We have developed a set of steps and toolboxes, underpinned by science, which can be applied by farmers, landowners and stakeholders to facilitate rehabilitation and improve agricultural waterway health.

This handout is the fourth a series, which focuses on an edge-of-field tool to manage nutrients (nitrate).

Suggested citation: Goeller, B.C, Hogsden, K.L., Febria, C.M., Devlin, H.S., Collins, K.E., Harding, J.S., and A.M. McIntosh. 2018. Nutrients – Edge-of-field nitrate reduction with woodchip bioreactors, CAREX Toolbox Handout 4, University of Canterbury, Christchurch.


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