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Additional file 7 of Larotinib in patients with advanced and previously treated esophageal squamous cell carcinoma with epidermal growth factor receptor overexpression or amplification: an open-label, multicenter phase 1b study

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posted on 2021-10-24, 03:13 authored by Rongrui Liu, Lianke Liu, Chuanhua Zhao, Yuxian Bai, Yulong Zheng, Shu Zhang, Ning Li, Jianwei Yang, Qingxia Fan, Xiuwen Wang, Shan Zeng, Yingjun Zhang, Weihong Zhang, Yulei Zhuang, Ning Kang, Yingzhi Jiang, Hongmei Sun, Jianming Xu
Additional file 7. Which is entitled with Baseline characteristics, is Table 1 that is cited and indicated within the submitted manuscript. Since this table is larger than one A4, it is uploaded as an additional file.


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