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About necessity of use of Hatha Yoga exercises for correction of deformation of students’ spine of special medical groups with violations of posture

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posted on 2013-02-10, 09:45 authored by Aleksandr GorelovAleksandr Gorelov, Kondakov V.L., Belikova Zh.A.

The method of application of physical drills of hatha-yoga is presented on educational trainings on physical culture with students. The volume of empiric information made more than 10000 measurings. Information is confirmed about predominance in the student environment of violations of health, related to the locomotorium and cardiovascular system (33,4% and 32,6% accordingly). Functional violations of spine are marked: pains in the back (59,8%), during (54,2%) and after (43,8%) physical loading, in pains in thurls (19,6%), in the constraint of motions after sleep (58,8%). It is set that the personal touches of vital functions of students are: deficit of motive activity, parahypnosiss and appetite, short duration stay outdoors, presence of harmful habits. Application of physical drills of hatha-yoga is recommended in employments: static, dynamic, respiratory.


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