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AMSR-E/2 and SMOS Brightness Temperatures of Surface Types

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posted on 21.11.2018, 12:23 authored by Junshen LuJunshen Lu, Georg Heygster
Average top of atmosphere brightness temperatures (Tbs) and standard deviations of Arctic open water, first-year and multiyear sea ice. Data from 6.9 to 89 GHz based on AMSR-E/2 observations with incidence angle 55°, at 1.4 GHz on SMOS observations averaged over 50° to 55° incidence angle, collected for footprints with pure surface types in the Round Robin data package of the ESA Climate Change Initiative project on sea ice. Solid lines denote vertically polarized Tbs, and H horizontally. Note that lines connecting the Tbs are meant for easy reading, but not for interpolation between the observation frequencies.


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