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miR-206 increases expression of SMC markers.

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posted on 2012-10-10, 00:22 authored by Samuel Jalali, Gurukumar K. Ramanathan, Prasanna Tamarapu Parthasarathy, Salman Aljubran, Lakshmi Galam, Asfiya Yunus, Sara Garcia, Ruan R. Cox Jr., Richard F. Lockey, Narasaiah Kolliputi

Expression of SMC differentiation markers α-smooth muscle actin (SMA) and calponin was analyzed in hPASMCs transfected with miR-206, antimiR-206 and controls by A) Real time PCR and B) Western blotting. MiR-206 transfected cells show increased expression of SMC markers α-SMA and calponin compared to controls, while antimiR-206 transfected cells show reduced expression of SMC markers. Real time data are presented as the average fold difference compared to controls after normalizing with GAPDH. All experiments were repeated at least 3 independent times, a paired two tailed t-test was done and p≤0.05 was considered statistically significant. **p<0.01, *p<0.05. Densitometric analysis of the immunoblot is included in the supplementary data.


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