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Water spin lattice relaxation time T1 of 2H of frozen ubiquitin solution and the resulting rotation correlation time τC.

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posted on 2013-02-19, 21:44 authored by Ansgar B. Siemer, Kuo-Ying Huang, Ann E. McDermott

A) 2H T1 of non-frozen water measured with a simple saturation recovery and quadrupolar echo pulse sequence. The theoretical minimum assuming a single τC and an isotopic motion is indicated with a dashed horizontal line. B) Temperature dependence of the non-frozen water τC calculated using Equation 1, the T1 relaxation times shown in A), and a quadrupolar coupling constant and asymmetry parameter of Cq = 195 kHz and η = 0.1 respectively. Two possible τC values correspond to each T1 in the temperature according to Equation 1. Since τC is expected to decrease at lower temperatures the most likely τCs are shown with full circles. The equally likely τCs corresponding to the minimal T1 are shown in gray.


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