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Validations of correlation between stress-induced up-regulation of gene expression and presence of TEs.

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posted on 08.01.2015, 03:30 authored by Irina Makarevitch, Amanda J. Waters, Patrick T. West, Michelle Stitzer, Candice N. Hirsch, Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra, Nathan M. Springer

The presence/absence of insertions of ZM00346 elements in the promoter of GRMZM2G108149 (A), GRMZM2G071206 (B), GRMZM2G400718 (C), GRMZM2G102447 (D), and GRMZM2G108057 (E) was assessed by PCR and genotypes were divided according to whether this insertion is present or not (displayed in alphabetical order). The changes in gene expression are shown as log2(stress/control) values determined using qRT-PCR for each genotype. Vertical brackets correspond to standard error based on three technical replicates of qRT-PCR experiments. The functional annotations for these genes are as follows: GRMZM2G108149- conserved protein involved in amino acid metabolism; GRMZM2G071206- conserved expressed protein involved in nitrogen metabolism; GRMZM2G400718 - unknown conserved protein; GRMZM2G102447 – GCIP interacting protein involved in regulating cell cycle; GRMZM2G108057 – cation transporting ATPase.