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Transcript regulation by nitrate in Lotus.

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posted on 2009-08-07, 02:31 authored by Niels Høgslund, Simona Radutoiu, Lene Krusell, Vera Voroshilova, Matthew A. Hannah, Nicolas Goffard, Diego H. Sanchez, Felix Lippold, Thomas Ott, Shusei Sato, Satoshi Tabata, Poul Liboriussen, Gitte V. Lohmann, Leif Schauser, Georg F. Weiller, Michael K. Udvardi, Jens Stougaard

A) The pattern of IDs found to be regulated by nitrate and M. loti inoculation (1 dpi to 21 dpi). B) The pattern of IDs regulated by nitrate and M. loti inoculation (21 dpi). C) Number of IDs down-regulated (green), up-regulated (red) or differently regulated (black) by nitrate in Lotus roots and shoots when compared to untreated corresponding tissues. (R-M. loti, N-nitrate) PTR-peptide transporter; PEROX-peroxidase; CDPK-calcium and calmodulin kinase; U-unknown; TXA-TXA synthase; LRR-leucine rich repeat protein; GT-UDP- glycosyltransferase; TF-transcription factor; ARR8-response regulator 8; OTR-ornithine transporter; OX-oxidoreductase; GLRX-glutaredoxin; UTR-urea transporter; CYP-Cytochrome P450; ATP-ATPase; LSYN-lupeol synthase; STR-sugar transporter; ZNF-zinc finger; LY-lyase; PK-protein kinase; LCAR-L-carbamoylase; N21-nodulin 21; GDP-glycerophosphoryl diester phosphodiesterase; G3PTR-G-3-P transporter; PP-phosphatase; TDE-tumor differently expressed; SRG-senescence related gene; PEPC-phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase; VTR-vacuolar transporter; SPI-serine protease inhibitor).


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