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Total GAD67 protein expression in the rat cerebellum under treatment conditions.

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posted on 2014-07-17, 03:24 authored by Sergio G. Benitez, Analía E. Castro, Sean I. Patterson, Estela M. Muñoz, Alicia M. Seltzer

Levels of GAD67 in cytoplasmic extracts from whole cerebella were determined by WB and normalized for total actin in each sample. A: Western blot of one of three independent experiments using different litters from the four experimental groups. The black arrow points to a band of about 110 kDa, the white arrow points to a 67 kDa band, and the black arrowhead to a band of around 55 kDa (top). Actin was used as a control for protein loading (bottom). B–D: Quantification of the ∼110 kDa, 67 KDa and ∼55 kDa bands from the different experimental groups. Data were expressed as mean ± SEM. Statistical analysis: One-way ANOVA and Bonferroni's post-hoc tests. Comparisons between groups are shown by horizontal bars at the top; p<0.001 (***) was considered significant.