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The miR-155* targeting TALEN pair causes both bi-allelic and mono-allelic mutations in human cells.

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posted on 07.05.2013, 02:31 by Ruozhen Hu, Jared Wallace, Timothy J. Dahlem, David Jonah Grunwald, Ryan M. O'Connell

(A) Schematic of the experimental design. 293T cells were transfected with the TALEN pair targeting the miR-155* region along with a GFP plasmid. 48 hours later, GFP+ cells were sorted by FACS and subjected to single cell cloning. After individual cell clones were expanded, gDNA was extracted from the cell clones. The miR-155* TALEN pair-targeted region was amplified by PCR and subjected to TOPO cloning and sequencing. (B,C) Representative cell clones showing bi-allelic mutations (B) or mono-allelic mutations (C). In the sequence alignment graph, the left and right TALEN binding sites are highlighted in yellow and the miR-155* region is in the red box.