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The expression of CD68 for macrophages on different materials at 96 h.

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posted on 2014-08-05, 07:11 authored by Huey-Shan Hung, Chih-Hsuan Chang, Chen-Jung Chang, Cheng-Ming Tang, Wei-Chien Kao, Shinn-Zong Lin, Hsien-Hsu Hsieh, Mei-Yun Chu, Wei-Shen Sun, Shan-hui Hsu

(a) Cells were immunostained by the primary anti-CD68 antibody and conjugated with FITC-immunoglobulin secondary antibody (green color fluorescence). Cell nuclei were staiend by DAPI (blue color fluorescence). Scale bar = 50 µm. (b) CD68 expression was quantified based on fluorescence intensity. **p<0.01: smaller than control (TCPS).