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The effect of primer concentration.

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posted on 2012-11-26, 01:57 authored by Antoon Lievens, Stefan Van Aelst, Marc Van den Bulcke, Els Goetghebeur

Panel A shows plateau values in response to changes in primer concentration (Glycine max Le1 gene at approx. 24000 copies, 24 repeats per primer concentration). Panel B shows PCR reactions (average baseline subtracted measurements over 24 repeats) of the same target (Glycine max Le1 gene) at approx. 24000 copies. The black reaction uses 8 standard primer concentration (1040 nM) as opposed to the 1 concentration of the red reaction (260 nM). The dashed line represents the calculated “ceiling” of the 1× primers reaction (i.e. multiplied by the number of primers in the reaction).


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