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The amino acid sequence and IPC expression of dAdipoR.

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posted on 2013-07-12, 01:44 authored by Su-Jin Kwak, Seung-Hyun Hong, Rijan Bajracharya, Se-Yeol Yang, Kyu-Sun Lee, Kweon Yu

(A) Amino acid sequence comparison between dAdipoR and human adiponectin receptor 1. Seven transmembrane domain regions are marked by upper lines. The putative interaction residues with the adiponectin are marked in blue. (B-I) Drosophila brains from the larva (B-E) and the adult (F-I) were immunostained with the dAdipoR antibody (green) and the IPCs marker, Dilp2>DsRed (red). dAdipoR staining was detected in IPCs (dot boxes), SOG neurons (arrows), and lateral neurons (arrowheads). Larval IPCs in B was enlarged in C-E and adult IPCs in F was enlarged in G-I, showing that dAdipoR staining in IPCs was overlapped with the IPCs marker. Scale bars are 100 µm (B, F) and 20 µm (E, I).