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The V-ATPase activity from the BmNPV-resistant silkworm midgut is significantly up-regulated when inoculated with BmNPV, but not for that from midgut plasma membrane.

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posted on 2013-06-18, 01:06 authored by Peng Lü, Hengchuan Xia, Lu Gao, Ye Pan, Yong Wang, Xin Cheng, Honggang Lü, Feng Lin, Liang Chen, Qin Yao, Xiaoyong Liu, Qi Tang, Keping Chen

The silkworm strain 306, NB and BC8 were infected with BmNPV, and at different stage of infection the midgut crude extract (A) and plasma membrane fractions (B) were prepared to measure the V-ATPase activity in triplicates, as described in Materials and Methods. The ATPase is expressed as µmol/mg/60 min. **P<0.01; *P<0.05.