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TNF-α did not induce apoptosis of HepG2 cells.

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posted on 2013-02-20, 02:10 authored by Nathalie Vadrot, Sarita Ghanem, Françoise Braut, Laura Gavrilescu, Nathalie Pilard, Abdellah Mansouri, Richard Moreau, Florence Reyl-Desmars

(A) Western Blot using the TNF-R1 receptor antibody was performed on cell lysate. (B) PARP cleavage was investigated by Western Blot in cells treated for 18 h with 30 or 100 ng/ml TNF-α or with 1 µM doxorubicin (Doxo) as a positive control. (C) The lack of apoptotic bodies in basal or cells treated with 30 or 100 ng/ml TNF-α has been confirmed by DAPI staining and UV-microscopy.