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TCLP 1 co-localizes with markers of the endocytic but not degradative pathway.

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posted on 2015-06-18, 04:15 authored by Ignacio M. Durante, María de los Milagros Cámara, Carlos A. Buscaglia

IIF assays of TCLP 1::3XFLAG-transfected epimastigotes or wild type Adriana amastigotes (lower panels) were probed with monoclonal anti-FLAG (αFLAG) or anti-TCLP 1 (αTCLP 1) antibody (green) and co-stained either with ConA-rhodamine (ConA), anti-cruzipain (αCZP) or monoclonal FK-2 (αFK2) antibody (all in red). DAPI signals are shown in blue and enlarged rectangular regions are shown in merged images.