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Strong staining for CSE in tumours.

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posted on 2014-11-05, 03:43 authored by Myrtille J. E. Vallen, Samuel Schmidt, Arie Oosterhof, Johan Bulten, Leon F. A. G. Massuger, Toin H. van Kuppevelt

Sections of paraffin embedded primary serous ovarian carcinoma were stained for CS, DS and CSE using antibodies IO3H10, GD3A12 and GD3G7, respectively. A) Haematoxylin-Eosin staining showing tumourous versus non-tumourous regions. Non-tumourous regions are indicated with an asterix (*). B–E) Overall staining for CS (B: antibody IO3H10), DS (C:antibody GD3A12) and CSE (D, E antibody GD3G7). Note overall staining for CS and DS, but strong CSE staining in intratumoural stroma, including small tumour capillaries (E, arrows). Also note mild staining of large blood vessels in non-tumourous areas (E) Staining for CSE indicated a gradient of CSE at the boundary of tumour and non-tumourous tissue (**). Bar: 100 µm.