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Southern blot analysis of EPSPS gene amplification in GA-S (S, 20 µg gDNA) and GA-R (R1, 1 µg gDNA and R10, 10 µg gDNA) A. palmeri.

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posted on 2013-06-10, 01:29 authored by Todd A. Gaines, Alice A. Wright, William T. Molin, Lothar Lorentz, Chance W. Riggins, Patrick J. Tranel, Roland Beffa, Philip Westra, Stephen B. Powles

Hybridizations with 33P-dCTP labeled probes for A) EPSPS first exon, B) 5′ MITE, C) EPSPS last exon, and D) 3′ MITE; E) probe and exon locations and expected restriction sites.