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Simvastatin decreased infact area of MCAO rats. A:

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posted on 2013-02-19, 18:58 authored by Minxia Zhu, Jin Wang, Min Liu, Dongshu Du, Chunmei Xia, Linlin Shen, Danian Zhu

representative photographs of brain slices; no infarct area detected in sham group. B: the fourth brain slice of each rat picked out for statistical analysis; MCAO and vehicle+MCAO group showing a significant lesion, but sim+MCAO group indicating improvement in infarct area; values expressed as means ± SEM of 6 rats; ##P<0.01, sim+MCAO vs. MCAO group; &&P<0.01, sim+MCAO vs. vehicle+MCAO group. Sim, Simvastatin.


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