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Scheme illustrating the antagonism between HCV genotype 1b replication and PER2 in hepatocytes.

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posted on 2013-04-08, 02:16 authored by Giorgia Benegiamo, Gianluigi Mazzoccoli, Francesco Cappello, Francesca Rappa, Nunzia Scibetta, Jude Oben, Azzura Greco, Roger Williams, Angelo Andriulli, Manlio Vinciguerra, Valerio Pazienza

HCV core protein genotype 1b, via a yet undefined mechanism, induces a downregulation of PER2 mRNA. PER2 protein produced in the cytoplasm accumulates in the nucleus, as observed in human liver biopsies infected with HCV genotype 1b, where could further inhibit the production of its own RNA [2], [3]. Alteration of this equilibrium by exogenous overexpression of PER2 protein hampers HCV genotype 1b replication.