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Schematic of the miR-155/miR-155* genomic locus and the location of the TALEN pair engineered to target the miR-155* region.

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posted on 07.05.2013, 02:31 by Ruozhen Hu, Jared Wallace, Timothy J. Dahlem, David Jonah Grunwald, Ryan M. O'Connell

(A) Schematic of the miR-155/miR-155* genomic locus. The three BIC exons are shown in yellow and the miR-155 hairpin is in red. (B) Schematic of the miR-155 hairpin structure. The miR-155 arms are shown in black, while the mature miR-155 and miR-155* sequences are in dark grey. Blue and green boxes represent the binding sites of the TALEN pair designed to target the miR-155* region, and hexagons represent the heterodimerized FokI enzyme positioned over the spacer sequence. (C) The two expression plasmids containing the TALEN pair along with the FokI nuclease domain, and the TALEN-RVD sequences corresponding to each targeted DNA sequence are shown. The details of pCS2TAL3-DDD and pCS2TAL3-RRR expression vectors are described in the Materials and Methods section. NN, HD, NG and NI represent the RVD regions of each repeat sequence that bind to nucleotide G, C, T and A, respectively. The left and right TALEN binding sequences are shown in red and purple, respectively, and the spacer region is in blue.