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Schematic diagrams of sgRNAs and DNA sequences of targeting genomic loci.

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posted on 2014-03-05, 02:45 authored by Yuanwu Ma, Bin Shen, Xu Zhang, Yingdong Lu, Wei Chen, Jing Ma, Xingxu Huang, Lianfeng Zhang

PCR amplicon of the targeted fragment in the ApoE, B2m, Prf1, and Prkdc in all founder rats (#1∼40) were sequenced. The PAM sequence is underlined and highlighted in green; the targeting site are red; the mutations are blue, lower case; insertions (+), deletions (−) or mutant (m) are shown to the right of each allele. N/N indicates positive colonies out of total sequenced. (a) ApoE locus. (b) B2m locus. (c) Prf1 locus. (d) Prkdc locus.