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Respiratory tract epithelial cells produce ALDH1A2.

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posted on 2014-01-22, 03:13 authored by Rajeev Rudraraju, Bart G. Jones, Sherri L. Surman, Robert E. Sealy, Paul G. Thomas, Julia L. Hurwitz

Tissue sections were prepared from the URT and lungs of C57BL/6 mice. Sections were stained with rabbit anti-mouse ALDH1A2 or rabbit anti-goat antibody (control). Bound rabbit anti-mouse ALDH1A2 antibody was detected using Alexa Fluor 568 donkey anti-rabbit IgG. The tissues were counter stained with nuclear stain DAPI. Sections of URT and lung are shown at low (10×) and high (40×) magnification. Staining indicated that the greatest ALDH1A2 protein expression was among epithelial cells lining the respiratory tract.