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ROS scavenging reduces the effect of GM or Zym.

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posted on 2015-11-16, 03:02 authored by Sebastian Weiterer, Thomas Kohlen, Florian Veit, Lydia Sachs, Florian Uhle, Christoph Lichtenstern, Markus A. Weigand, Michael Henrich

Simultaneous Application of the ROS scavengers ACC (20 mM) and Tempol (5 mM) in the presence of GM (0.02 mg/ml) restored the Epi (10−8 M) induced PTV. This increase in PTV was significantly higher in comparison to tracheae which were not pretreated with ROS scavengers (**p<0.01; A & C). (B & D) The inhibiting effect by Zym (0.1 mg/ml) onto Epi (10−8 M) evoked PTV-increase was also reduced by the simultaneous application of the ROS scavengers ACC and Tempol (**p<0.01; B & D). (E) Application of ROS scavengers ACC (20 mM) alone or in combination with Tempol (5 mM) did not change PTV. Mann Whitney U-test. Mean ± S.E.M.. (control: n = 7; all other experiments n = 5, n: tracheae from n animals).