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Quantitative RT-PCR showing the time-dependent distribution of the Nkx2.5 early cardiomyocyte progenitor in the different groups.

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posted on 20.02.2013 by Rami Genead, Helene Fischer, Alamdar Hussain, Marie Jaksch, Agneta B. Andersson, Karin Ljung, Ivana Bulatovic, Anders Franco-Cereceda, Elzafir Elsheikh, Matthias Corbascio, C. I. Edvard Smith, Christer Sylvén, Karl-Henrik Grinnemo

The Nkx2.5 mRNA expression in the different groups was related to the expression of GAPDH. Fig A shows the mean of the whole heart Nkx2.5 mRNA expression in each group. In fig B, the distribution of Nkx2.5 mRNA between each region of the myocardial infarction group at 1 week is demonstrated. In fig C, the Nkx2.5 mRNA distribution between each region is demonstrated at 2 weeks. Number of animals is 7–10 per group (see flow chart in Fig 1). In figure; MI: myocardial infarction; IR: ischemia-reperfusion; IR+GF: ischemia-reperfusion+ growth factors. RV: Right ventricle, LV: Left ventricle, OFT: Outflow tract and Peri-INF/Ischemia: Peri-infarction and Ischemia region respectively. Data is presented as mean ± SD. *P<0.05 vs. Control group, ** P<0.001 vs. Control group, ***P<0.05 vs. pregnancy group, ****P<0.05 vs. MI (2 weeks) group and † P<0.05, 1 week vs. 2 weeks and †† P<0.05 vs. MI (1 week) group. In fig B and C the mRNA expression of each region is related to the corresponding region of the control group.