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Potential ERRα response elements in LDHB and LDHA promoters (A) Potential ERRα binding sites numbered relative to the transcription starting site (TSS) (B) Chromatin ImmunoPrecipitation (ChIP) assay for LDH promoters in XTC.UC1 cells using a polyclonal ERRα antibody.

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posted on 2013-03-14, 11:55 authored by Delphine Mirebeau-Prunier, Soazig Le Pennec, Caroline Jacques, Jean-Fred Fontaine, Naig Gueguen, Nathalie Boutet-Bouzamondo, Audrey Donnart, Yves Malthièry, Frédérique Savagner

Chromatin was immunoprecipitated with the indicated antibody and submitted to quantitative PCR. Results are expressed as fold change of enrichment compared to control IgG immunoprecipitated material. ERRα-IP was realized in duplicate and each sample was tested in triplicate for quantitative PCR. TFBS: transcription factor binding site.