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Placental cytokine expression after S. Enteritidis enterocolitis.

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posted on 2014-11-03, 03:32 authored by Mariángeles Noto Llana, Sebastián Hernán Sarnacki, María del Rosario Aya Castañeda, María Carolina Pustovrh, Alejandra Sonia Gartner, Fernanda Roxana Buzzola, María Cristina Cerquetti, Mónica Nancy Giacomodonato

Pregnant mice received 20 mg of streptomycin 24 h before intragastric infection with 3–4×103 CFU of S. Enteritidis (day 15 of gestation). A group of non infected pregnant mice was included as control. Placentas (healthy and infected) were obtained on day 18 of gestation. A. The relative cytokine mRNA expression was determined by qPCR and related to mRNA levels in non infected control, set as 1. B. Cytokines levels were measured in placental homogenates by ELISA as described in materials and methods. Placentas from each individual mouse were pooled. Five animals per group were analyzed. Results are expressed as mean +/− SD. *p<0.05 respect to uninfected control placentas. Representative data from 3 independent experiments.