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Phylogenetic tree of 22 whole genome sequences of MTBC plus Mycobacterium canettii as outgroup, and canonical SNPs used for MOL-PCR and TaqMan assays.

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posted on 2012-07-20, 01:42 authored by David Stucki, Bijaya Malla, Simon Hostettler, Thembela Huna, Julia Feldmann, Dorothy Yeboah-Manu, Sonia Borrell, Lukas Fenner, Iñaki Comas, Mireia Coscollà, Sebastien Gagneux

Rv-numbers in grey arrows represent SNPs used for MOL-PCR and TaqMan in this study, respectively, and nucleotide change at the position in the annotated reference sequence of H37Rv [56]. The first number indicates the SNP used for MOL-PCR, and the italic number the SNP used for TaqMan. Assays for the “Beijing” sublineage of Lineage 2 and for M. bovis/M. caprae were developed only for MOL-PCR (modified from [51]).