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Phylogenetic tree (following Brady [7]) of all 13 army ant species for which paternity data is available so far.

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posted on 2014-08-21, 03:14 authored by Matthias Benjamin Barth, Robin Frederik Alexander Moritz, Frank Bernhard Kraus

Data on colony size, observed and effective paternity frequency (kobs and me), effective-number-index of paternity skew (S) and inbreeding coefficient (FIS) are given next to the tree. Colony size is represented by the average approximation of the number of workers in normal mature colonies as given in the literature. kobs and me are the means given in this study or in the literature, from which S was calculated [47], [64]. Mean FIS is also taken from this study or the literature (asterisks mark significance). Species abbreviations, as used in the following figure legends, are given in brackets behind species names. n/a, data not available. 1 Data on these species are listed for the sake of completeness, but have not been used in this study because me estimates were either not published, higher than the respective kobs, or assumed to be underestimated [16], so that in these cases the S-index could not be calculated or would have been biased. 2 Paternity and inbreeding data on these species are the result of this study.