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PhrB contains an Fe-S cluster.

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posted on 2011-10-31, 02:23 authored by Inga Oberpichler, Antonio J. Pierik, Janine Wesslowski, Richard Pokorny, Ran Rosen, Michal Vugman, Fan Zhang, Olivia Neubauer, Eliora Z. Ron, Alfred Batschauer, Tilman Lamparter

X band EPR spectra of PhrB and PhrA (normalized to equal protein concentration). Photoreduction was for 5 min under anaerobic conditions with white light (slide projector). Incubation with sodium dithionite (2 mM) or potassium ferricyanide (2 mM) was for 5 min at 23°C. For comparison the EPR spectra of (3Fe-4S)1+ in aconitase (H2O2-treated yeast mitochondria) and of the (4Fe-4S)3+ cluster in Allochromatium vinosum HiPIP are shown (arbitrary scaling). EPR conditions: microwave power, 0.2 mW; microwave frequency 9.458 GHz; modulation frequency, 100 kHz; modulation amplitude, 1.25 mT; temperature, 15 K.


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