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#MySciBlog Interviewee Motivations to Blog about Science

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posted on 21.03.2015, 03:09 by Paige B JarreauPaige B Jarreau

This figure shows science bloggers' goals and motivations to blog about science, based on qualitative analysis of in-depth expert interviews (#MySciBlog Interview project) with 50 science bloggers. Interviews were conducted and analyzed (in AtlasTi) by Paige Brown Jarreau, 2014-2015.


Motivations to blog and blogging goals are grouped by category (main headings, color coded). Main heading font roughly represents the relative frequency of mention of these different motivation/goal categories by science bloggers I interviewed. For example, "Outreach" motivations were mentioned most frequently, and "Scholarship" motivations were mentioned least frequently. 


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