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Models for recombinational repair of Mu insertions in the non-replicative pathway.

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posted on 2012-04-12, 01:17 authored by Sooin Jang, Steven J. Sandler, Rasika M. Harshey

Both models presented rely on repair of double strand breaks by homologous recombination and replication restart proteins, but differ in the location of the break and the order of the recombination/restart-replication events that follow. In (A), the break is on the chromosomal DNA flanking the Mu insertion. Here, homologous recombination is followed by restart replication. In (B), the break is on the Mu lagging strand. Here, restart replication precedes homologous recombination. Alternate shapes for PriA denote uni- or bi-directional replication. See text for details.


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