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Meiotic telomere tethering by LINC complex components in the absence of SUN1.

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posted on 2014-02-27, 04:06 authored by Jana Link, Monika Leubner, Johannes Schmitt, Eva Göb, Ricardo Benavente, Kuan-Teh Jeang, Rener Xu, Manfred Alsheimer

(A,B) Representative meiocytes in paraffin sections of testis and ovary tissue of Sun1+/+(Δex10-11) and Sun1−/−(Δex10-11) mice labeled by anti-SUN2 and anti-SYCP3 antibodies. SUN2 foci, located at the end of synaptonemal complex axes, are present in both wildtype spermatocytes and oocytes (A, B). Similar SUN2 signals are also present in spermatocytes and oocytes of SUN1 deficient littermate mice (A′, A″, B′, B″). The nuclear envelope of somatic cells in the ovary tissue of both Sun1+/+(Δex10-11) and Sun1−/−(Δex10-11) females (B–B″) is also strongly labeled by SUN2. (C–C′) Spermatocytes in paraffin sections of testis tissue of Sun1−/−(Δex10-11) males labeled by anti-SUN2 and anti-KASH5 antibodies. In SUN1 deficient spermatocytes KASH5 and SUN2 co-localize, both showing distinct foci at the nuclear periphery. DNA counterstained using Hoechst 33258. Scale bars 5 µm.