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Measurement reproducibility.

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posted on 2016-01-28, 12:41 authored by Kathryn S. Stok, Bryce A. Besler, Thomas H. Steiner, Ana V. Villarreal Escudero, Martin A. Zulliger, Markus Wilke, Kailash Atal, Aurelie Quintin, Bruno Koller, Ralph Müller, Dobrila Nesic

Typical HEX1/HEX2/HEX3 scans show excellent measurement reproducibility (ICC > 0.74) for cartilage, bone and in situ joint measures. (a) Bone morphometric ICC values were low for tibial BS/BV (0.077) and Tb.Th (0.403), due to penetration of Hexabrix® into bone tissue. Scale bar = 5 mm. (b) Femoral and (c) tibial cartilage thickness maps demonstrate good reproducibility in cartilage compartments.