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Mean concentration-time profiles of mRNA and proteins in liver, serum and brain.

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posted on 2012-07-27, 00:36 authored by Zinnia Patricia Parra-Guillen, Jessica Fioravanti, Jose Medina-Echeverz, Celia Gomar, Nuria Ardaiz, Iñaki F. Troconiz, Pedro Berraondo

20 µg of either IFNGFP or IFNGFPApo plasmids were administered by hydrodynamic injection. At the selected time points, a group of mice was sacrificed and the liver, the brain and a serum sample were obtained to quantify levels of GFP protein or mRNA. Observed (points) and predicted levels (lines) were plotted versus time for (A) mRNA gene expression of both molecules in liver, (B) serum and liver GFP levels after IFNGFP or (C) or IFNGFPApo plasmid administration, and (D) brain levels reached with IFNGFP or (E) IFNGFPApo. Brain and liver levels are expressed in GFP pg/mg protein; serum levels are expressed on GFP pg/mL units and mRNA on gene expression units in log scale.