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Male and female throat color morphs present in S. grammicus at CPN.

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posted on 09.04.2014 by Elizabeth Bastiaans, Mary Jane Bastiaans, Gen Morinaga, José Gamaliel Castañeda Gaytán, Jonathon C. Marshall, Brendan Bane, Fausto Méndez de la Cruz, Barry Sinervo

A–F: Male morphs. A. Pure orange. B. Pure blue. C. Pure yellow. D. Yellow-orange. E. Blue-orange. F. Blue-yellow. G–L: Female morphs. G. Pure orange. H. Pure white. I. Pure yellow. J. Yellow-orange. K. White-orange. L. White-yellow. M. Frequencies of male and female throat color morphs among all lizards captured at CPN in 2011. Sample sizes above bars.