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MAPk inhibition prevents stretch induced permeability increases.

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posted on 2013-02-21, 01:41 authored by Taylor S. Cohen, Gladys Gray Lawrence, Amit Khasgiwala, Susan S. Margulies

Permeability of monolayers treated with 35 µM of SP600125 or 20 µM of U0126 following 0, 10, or 60 minutes of stretch. Permeability of all monolayers stretched for 10 or 60 minutes significantly increased compared to unstretched monolayers (*). 60 minutes of stretch resulted in further increases above 10 minute levels in DMSO monolayers (#). Treatment with either SP600125 or U0126 prevented these further increases, and permeability values were significantly lower then in DMSO monolayers stretched for 60 minutes (-). Significance is defined as p<0.05.