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Lithocholic acid did not affect EGFR, VEGFR, IRKβ or IGFR1β activity.

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posted on 2011-03-30, 02:12 authored by Carmine Giorgio, Iftiin Hassan Mohamed, Lisa Flammini, Elisabetta Barocelli, Matteo Incerti, Alessio Lodola, Massimiliano Tognolini

A, B) EGFR phosphorylation was induced by 30 ng/ml and 10 ng/ml EGF on PC3 (A) and HT29 (B) cells, respectively. Cells were pretreated for 20 minutes with 1% DMSO, 100 µM LCA or 10 µM gefitinib and stimulated for 20 minutes with EGF. Phospho-EGFR levels are relative to EGF+DMSO. Data are the means of at least three independent experiments ± st. err. T-test was performed comparing Fc to LCA and EGF+DMSO to EGF+LCA and EGF+gefitinib. **,p<0,01. C) HUVE, HepG2 or A431 cells, were stimulated for 10 minutes with 0.1 nM VEGF, 5 nM IGF1 or 100 nM insulin, respectively, in presence of 100 µM LCA or the proper inhibitor as a reference (1 µM VEGFR inhibitor II or 10 µM AG538). Data are the means of two experiments ± st. err. T-test was performed comparing ctr to other column of the same receptor. **,p<0.01.


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