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Landscape of sequence conservation in tephritids and Drosophila (eve).

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posted on 2009-03-04, 02:02 authored by Brant K. Peterson, Emily E. Hare, Venky N. Iyer, Steven Storage, Laura Conner, Daniel R. Papaj, Rick Kurashima, Eric Jang, Michael B. Eisen

A) Phastcons [44] (version v0.9.9.6b) estimated posterior probabilities of conservation in four tephritids for 60 kb surrounding the C. capitata eve gene. Blue annotations indicate coding regions, conserved intervals are shown in orange. The interval numbers are used throughout the text. The presumptive C. capitata basal promoter is shown in light blue. B) D. melanogaster eve locus conservation plot computed with phastCons (rho 0.25) [44], rendered to scale with C. capitata plot in panel A, showing comparable highly conserved content but with virtually all intervening non-conserved DNA absent in Drosophila. Redfly enhancers listed in Figure 2 are shown in green and the basal promoter in light blue.


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