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Inhibition of inflammation in the brain of P. berghei-infected mice with ECM after treatment.

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posted on 2013-04-05, 01:50 authored by Nana O. Wilson, Wesley Solomon, Leonard Anderson, John Patrickson, Sidney Pitts, Vincent Bond, Mingli Liu, Jonathan K. Stiles

(A) The number of intravascular leukocytes per mm2 of brain area was markedly decreased after treatment. Parenchymal vessel of (B) untreated mice with ECM on day 5 and (C) saline-treated mice on day 11, plugged with leukocytes (black arrows). Parenchymal vessels of (D) ARM-treated mice, (E) ATV-treated mice and (F) ATV/ARM-treated mice showing remnant adherent leukocytes (black arrows) on day 11. The leukocytes counts are mean ± standard error. A p value of <0.05 was considered significant. Asterisks (*) denote statistically significant change compared with ctrl D5 and section sign (§) denote statistically significant change compared with ctrl D11. Ctrl = control; D = day; ARM = Artemether; ATV = Atorvastatin.