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Infectivity of fiber-modified Ad vectors in vitro.

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posted on 2013-02-21, 13:45 authored by Anurag Sharma, Anja Krause, Yaqin Xu, Biin Sung, Wendy Wu, Stefan Worgall

A549 cells (A) or murine bone-marrow-derived DC (B) were infected with the fiber-modified Ad vectors AdZ.F(CD)Epi8, AdZ.F(DE)Epi8, AdZ.F(FG)Epi8, AdZ.F(HI)Epi8 and AdZ.F(CT)Epi8, the hexon-modified AdZ.HxEpi8 or AdZ as control at 103 pu/cell (A549 cells) or 5×104 pu/cell (DC). β-galactosidase activity was evaluated after 36 h by spectrophotometeric assay and normalized to uninfected cells. Results represent mean ± SEM of three independent experiments. * denotes p<0.05, AdZ or AdZ.HxEpi8 compared to all others. § denotes p<0.05, AdZ.F(FG)Epi8 or AdZ.F(HI)Epi8 compared to AdZ.F(CD)Epi8, AdZ.F(DE)Epi8 or AdZ.F(CT)Epi8.