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Independent Component Decompositions for Two Single Trials

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posted on 2013-02-22, 09:14 authored by Scott Makeig, Arnaud Delorme, Marissa Westerfield, Tzyy-Ping Jung, Jeanne Townsend, Eric Courchesne, Terrence J Sejnowski

Black traces indicate two of 561 single target-response trials from one subject at scalp site Pz (upper right scalp map). Solid vertical lines indicate stimulus onsets; dashed vertical lines indicate button presses. A prominent late positivity occurred in the upper trial. All 561 1-sec, 31-channel EEG epochs time-locked to target stimuli were concate-nated and decomposed by infomax ICA, yielding 31 maximally independent data components. Colored traces show the projections (in microvolts) to this scalp channel of the three (nonartifact) independent components contributing the largest variance to each postresponse data window, linked to (individually scaled) maps of their scalp topographies. Component numbers (IC1–IC6), ranked by total EEG variance accounted for, and cluster affiliations (P3f, P3b, FM, P3b, Rα) are indicated above the scalp maps. Note differences in the time courses of IC1.


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