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HMGB1 is up-regulated by Pamidronate and Zoledronate in CB and PB cells.

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posted on 22.08.2011, 01:09 authored by Alessandra Ciucci, Ida Gabriele, Zulema A. Percario, Elisabetta Affabris, Vittorio Colizzi, Giorgio Mancino

Mononuclear cells isolated from CB and PB have been treated with Pamidronate (1 µg/ml) and Zoledronate (1 µg/ml). (A) After 14 days, cell surface expression of HMGB1 has been analyzed by FACS analysis and the values, shown as fold induction, are the product of ratio between treated and untreated cells expressing HMGB1. (B) By multi-color flow cytometric analysis, CB and PB cells have been gated for lymphocytes and stained with HMGB1, CD3 and gammadelta (Vδ2) antibodies. The ratio between treated and untreated HMGB1+CD3+ cells is shown as fold induction. The values reported are mean ± SD of four experiments from different donors. (C) The secretion of HMGB1 in cell culture medium was evaluated by western blot analysis. Densitometric analysis of western blot has been expressed as arbitrary units. Western blot is representative of three independent experiments.


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